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If you’re a HTML5, Flash (SWB or DCR) or Unity developer and have an HTML5, Flash or Unity game, let us know by submitting this form. Currently, we only accept games built using HTML5, Flash or Unity technologies. At this moment, we are only looking for full games stage. Also, please note that we receive many submissions every day from indie developers, studios, and students. However, we can only add a select few of these. If we don’t respond and are unable to post your game, we’re truly sorry!

Submission Rules
-No games in demo stage. We are only publishing fully completed games at this time.
-Minimum amount of ads and social plugins are allowed on your game page. Games cluttered with ads wont be accepted.
-Games requiring sign up or some sort of login system to play will not be accepted or links in front of permanent access.
-Submit page links with the actual games on them.

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